09 September 2009

Sleep, oh how I long for you

Harold went to bed at 7:30 Monday night and woke up at 4:30. Tuesday he slept for two hours during his nap. I had to wake him so we could go pick up Zack and Dwight at school. So, I wondered what might happen this morning. I hoped that, despite what I know about sleep leading to more and better sleep, he would sleep later in the morning. Sadly, my hopes were crushed. He went to bed just after 7:00 and woke at... 4:04! Help. I am at a loss... I might have to resort to the Benadryl.

Today we have men here all day installing carpet. We cannot get upstairs at all, so Harold will have no nap. I can only wonder what might happen tonight.

07 September 2009

More on sleep

So, about a day after I posted about the early wake up calls from Harold, he started sleeping past 5:00 again, thankfully. I was so pleased, until a few days later when he started yelling for me at 4:30 again. So, I have been going in to his room, quietly telling him it is still night time and that he needs to go back to sleep. He cries, quietly, and lays down and I leave the room. I don't know if he sleeps but he is quiet for a little while, often until 5:00. He then calls to me, louder and more persistently, at this point and it is clear that he is not going to go back to sleep. So, I bring him into my room, put a dvd in for him, and TRY to get a little more sleep.

The process continues. I just keep reminding myself that this too shall pass. I focus on the positive. I get to spend a little extra time with a sweet, cuddly, 1 1/2 year old... My last baby.