26 May 2011

Why I Love Verizon Fios

As a Mom of four children,  I can say for sure that all kids are different.  Personalities can be molded, slightly, buy nurturing and environment, but when it comes down to it, really, personality is biological.  Plus, there are some things that are the same for all kids.

As a military spouse, I have had to do a lot of parenting solo.  My husband works long hours.  He often leaves before dawn and returns after the kids have gone to bed.  He has also been deployed for 2 years over the course of our boys' childhoods.  We have moved 10 times and have never lived close to family, so, as I've said in my blog many times, I often have to use television as a babysitter.

Over the years, the kids' tv viewing has evolved.  For Zack, age 12, I recorded Teletubbies on an 8 hour videotape so that I would not have to rewind again and again.  When Dwight came along, I had the tapes that I'd made for Zack and dvds had become commonplace, so no more rewinding.

When Bob was small, we purchased a dvd player with a built in dvr.  I thought I'd gone to heaven.  What a great convenience, I though.  We could record his shows, and ours, and watch them when we wanted to watch.

When we moved to Northern Virginia in 2009, our realtor said, "You have to get Verizon Fios.  It's amazing."  I have to admit that I wondered what the big deal was, but I made the call and had it installed.  I liked the idea of having phone, internet and tv all under the same service.

Little did I know about how fabulous the service is.  I'm glad I didn't know what I was missing before we moved here.  What I love about Fios, and can't imagine living without now,  is the multi room dvr. 

I love the fact that I can record my three year old's programs and he can watch them on any tv in the house.  I recorded an hour long episode of his favorite show 15 months ago and it's still there, on the dvr.  He can watch it in the kitchen while he eats breakfast and I clean up from his brothers' breakfast, or he can watch it in the master bedroom while I take a shower.  I love it and he loves it.

I also love the fact that, since, as a busy mom of four with a deployed husband, I usually miss my favorite shows when they are on in the evenings, I can can watch them in the basement while I run on the treadmill the next day- or 3 weeks later- whatever the case may be.

Fios also has great customer service.  With their in home agent and the ability to chat live via the internet, if a problem arises, their friendly customer service agents always help me solve the problem quickly, so I don't lose the features I love.

I really hope the Navy doesn't move us again, or at least not to an area not served by Fios.  I'd really miss it.

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