09 November 2010

Crazy busy nights

Tuesdays are always busy.  The boys come home from school at about 3:40.  Bob (6 1/2) has volleyball club at the school from 6-6:40 and Dwight (9 1/2) has volleyball club from 6:45 until 7:30.  The kids usually get in bed at about 7:30, so it gets a bit complicated.

The first few weeks of this schedule had us juggling homework, dinners, bedtimes and more.  It was not fun.  This week, I threw in a focus group that I have to attend from 8:00-10:00, so I decided it was time to get serious about making Tuesday nights run more smoothly.

I started making dinner at 4:30.  I cooked a pot of pasta and put olive oil and garlic on it for the boys and pesto for Horatio and me.  I sauteed some fish for a scampi of sorts and baked some garlic bread.  I put out some carrots and there's dinner- done.  We sat down to eat at about 5:15 and were finished by 5:45, Tom took Dwight and Bob to the school while I am home with Zack, helping with homework, and Harold, playing with boats.

Horatio will bring Bob home when Dwight starts volleyball and then go back to watch Dwight.  I will get Harold ready for bed but Horatio will put him to bed while I am at the meeting.

I'm going to go clean up from dinner and think about how all this will go down next month when I'm on my own in all of this...

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